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Multi Ball Team Building activity encourage team members to express their views and avoid taking offense when others disagree. Multi Ball promotes cooperation and help lift overall morale. While working together towards a common set of tasks or goals, team can learn how to communicate and work together effectively.

Sometimes the best way to encourage employees to work as team is to instill team spirit in them through friendly competition. Since Multi Ball Team Activity is often comprised of members with different skill sets, learning how to utilize each team member based on their own skills can be crucial to reach the team's maximum efficiency.

For a friendly little competition, group members are divided into teams and assigned the same amount of work to get done. The teams may do balancing, siding, lifting or even climbing. The goal is for the teams to organize themselves, delegate a leader and get the tasks finished as quickly as possible. This team building activity needs both speed and wit. 

Fun is the name of the game and the task is not only about finishing first but also meeting the needs of each team member. The activity is mean to provide positive reinforcement.

Time Needed: 20-30 minutes

Group Size: 15-25 people


  • Coordination, Communication, Competition, Problem Solving, Adaptability, Resource Handling