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Are you looking for a fun, high-energy activity to use with your group or Youth Action Team? Hula Hoop Pass requires minimal materials and will help your group set goals, strategize, communicate and support each other in order to complete a task.

Time Needed: 10 minutes

Group Size: 5-25 people

Materials: 2 hula hoops and a watch

Description & Directions: Have the group form a circle, holding hands. Explain that the goal of this activity is to pass a hula hoop completely around the circle as quickly as possible without breaking handholds. While you are explaining this, place a hula hoop over the held hands of two group members.

Have the group pass the hula hoop around the circle once so that everyone participates and time it. Encourage the group to set a goal and see if they can do it faster. Support the group in working through goal setting and strategizing about how to go faster while providing encouragement. Start the group on their second attempt. You can do multiple attempts if the group does not meet their goal and wants to try again or redefine their goal.

As a final challenge, tell the group that you are going to add another hula hoop to make it a little bit more interesting. Add another hula hoop to the opposite side of the circle, with it moving in the opposite direction.

Debrief Questions:

  • What was your strategy during this activity?
  • How did you depend on the players who were next to you during the activity?
  • How can you relate this activity to working together and setting goals as a group?