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A magic mirror photo booth is a type of photo booth that uses a reflective touchscreen display to take photos. It's called a "magic mirror" because the display looks like a mirror when not in use, but when activated, it displays animations and instructions that guide users through the photo-taking process.

Here's how it works
  • Guests stand in front of the magic mirror, which is typically set up on a stand.
  • The mirror will display instructions and animations that guide guests through the photo-taking process. This might include prompts like "smile" or "strike a pose."
  • Guests can see themselves on the mirror's reflective display, which allows them to adjust their pose and position before taking the photo.
  • Once the photo is taken, it will be displayed on the mirror's touchscreen display, and guests can choose to print out a physical copy or share the photo on social media.
  • Magic mirror photo booths often come with a variety of fun and interactive features, such as virtual props, filters, and animations. They're a popular choice for parties and other events where guests want to take fun and memorable photos.

Magic Mirror Photo Booth Benefits

  • Engagement & Fun : Tailored to your need for the occasion and combined with a variety of props, a magic mirror photo booth rental guarantees fun photos to keep your visitors intrigued and buzzing
  • Return Gift & Souvenir : High-quality prints created in a matter of moments serve as an excellent choice of party favours or mementos from a day (or night) to remember.
  • Instant & Quality Service : Our selfie photo booth is an excellent product that captures DSLR-quality pictures and generates instant prints with the best available thermal printer

Rent Magic Mirror Photo Booth for Events

  • 3 Hours of Unlimited Fun
  • Customized Photo Templates
  • Unlimited Instant Photo Prints
  • Funky Props
  • Executive to run the selfie booth


  • Which Camera do we use? For all our photobooths, we use the latest and best quality DSLR cameras
  • How is it different from Selfie Photo Booth? The software and the screen size is the major difference between a Magic Mirror Photobooth and a Selfie Photobooth. The looks are also different. Magic Mirror Photobooths look more elegant in comparison to Selfie Photo Booths
  • What is the size of the photo print? We provide Instant Photo Print with variable sizes that can be 4x6 inches, 5x7 inches, 6x8 inches, 2x6 inches and 3x8 inches
  • How to get the softcopies? After the event, our team takes a backup of the softcopies and then we transfer the pictures to the attendees through a weblink. You can download your pictures from the link within a span of 7 days
  • Can the photo template be customized? Yes, definitely. The template can be customized based on your event theme, branding, logo etc. We print in both landscape as well as portrait mode