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Keypunch is a lively, active, practical team building activity to improve team performance. It is a strategic thinking and problem solving activity, where participants need to increasingly improve their ability to complete a task.

Keypunch increasingly becomes clear to be more about understanding how to use the abilities and resources within the full team to meet challenging targets and objectives. This is an ideal activity to help build a high performance team, which can be used outdooes or in a large indoor space. It requires a team to set up and refine a task process, in order to be able to deliver excellent team performance under time pressure. There is a physical element to the task but this can be minimized by 'working smart' rather than 'working hard'.

This great fun and challenging activity requires participant to work out how to touch all of the random number tiles as quickly as possible in a marked out working area. Then they are required to improve the process so that they can achieve in the fastest time after practice and several run throughs.

The team will eventually arrive at a variety of solutions. Encourage them to think creatively.

    Time Needed: 10-20 minutes

    Group Size: 15-20 people


    • Coordination, Communication, Competition, Decision Making, Adaptability, Problem Solving