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Looking for a little activity to do with a crowd that’ll engage girls (and even some boys) of all ages? This keychain craft is perfect.
Kids of all ages love it because they can make it on their own level. It takes up as little or as much time as you want; kids can do it quickly or take their time and be creative. Everyone likes keychains. It’s something that works for boys and girls. If they like how it came out, they can put it on their backpack, Sunday bag, or wherever. And they come out really cute! You might even want to make one.
Please Note:
  • These artists are professional & working in this field from several years.
  • Key Chain Maker will stay for 3 hours in your party.
  • Personalized name key chains can be taken as return gifts
  • Key Chain Maker will bring all needed things and materials to carry out the activity.
  • Key Chain Maker can do 40 to 50 key chains per 3 hours.