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We totally get it — you’ve got a wonderfully artistic child and want to keep her birthday party simple, intimate and impactful.

You’ve done the bounce house, gone bowling, and she’s probably too old to get by with hiring her favorite costumed princess. All of those are fun ideas, and have their own purpose — but she’s ready for something that’s more significant and unique to her.

This year, instead of reusing an old idea, host a Jewelry Making Birthday Party with her close friends! We’ve got a complete step-by-step guide to help you pull it off with ease and grace. We’ve been hosting jewelry making birthday parties since a long time, so you don’t have to worry! We’ll make it easy for you even if you feel like your personal creativity only comes in the form of complex and exquisite Pinterest boards.

Please Note:
  • Jewelry artists are professional & working in this field from several years.
  • Jewelry artist will stay for 3 hours in your party.
  • Material used by the artist for the activities: Non-toxic
  • A table and chair need to be arranged from your side for the artist to arrange their props and carry out the activity