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Inflatable darts is a hilarious sport and makes a great addition to parties and corporate. Scored in the same manner as traditional darts, but utilizing specially designed "foot darts" which stick to the Velcro-covered dartboard, foot darts are fantastic fun for children and adults of all ages. Inflatable dart is sure to be a big hit as no one will be able to resist the temptation when they see a giant inflatable dart. So book on Woogle and get ready to have a blast. 

  • This is a Inflatable Dart Ball setup for corporate parties, birthday parties, and all other events in Bangalore. 
  • The setup time for the Inflatable Dart Ball setup is 30-40mins.
  • The necessary materials will be taken care of by our team.
  • 3 hours is the maximum time for this Inflatable Dart Ball.
  • Our person will arrive, 1 hour before the party starts.
  • One person will be there to take care of the setup and people safety.
  • One Person handles the Inflatable Dart Ball setup (arranges and attends).
  • One Inflatable Dart Ball setup
Requirements from Your End:
  • Sufficient Space to setup the Inflatable Dart Ball setup (16x16 feet)
  • Power supply (at least 16A) and backup needs to be taken care from your side.