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Be the ultimate party captain with the Anchor/Game Coordinator/EmCee! Get your guests movin' and groovin' with fun games and more! Master the art of coordinating the perfect event with this game coordinator. You'll be the host with the most in no time!

Our Game Coordinators will keep all the kids engaged with several kinds of indoor & outdoor games for your kids. These various types of games create a playful atmosphere in parties.
Some examples of Games Played
  • Rope in the box
  • Fire in the mountain
  • Statue
  • In & Out
  • 5- Up & Down
  • Dancing Statue
  • Tongue Twister
  • Mystery
  • Lost & Found
  • & on-demand games
Please Note:
  • The artist will arrive 30 mins before the party begins
  • Artist will be available for 1-2  hours.
  • The sound system is not a part of the package and has to be provided at the venue
  • The artist caters to all age groups
  • There is no extra charges for transportation
  • The Artists are available to cover all Over Bangalore
  • The Languages known are: English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu, Tamil, Punjabi
  • These artists are professional & working in this field from several years.