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Budget friendly Party Halls in Bengaluru for Your Birthday/Anniversary Celebrations

January 2024 | Woogle Live-Love-Laugh

When selecting a venue, ensure it meets your requirements in terms of capacity, amenities, location, and any additional services needed. Negotiate with the venue managers or owners for discounts or customized packages to fit your budget constraints. Booking in advance and being flexible with the event date and timing can also help secure better rates. Here is a list of some budget-friendly party halls in Bengaluru that are often considered suitable for birthday or anniversary celebrations. Please note that availability and pricing may have changed since then, so it's advisable to directly contact these venues for the most current information:

  1. MLR Convention Centre

    • Location: JP Nagar
    • Offers budget-friendly banquet halls suitable for various events.
  2. Miraya Greens

    • Location: Bannerghatta Road
    • Provides outdoor and indoor spaces at reasonable rates for celebrations.
  3. Shree Krupa Hall

    • Location: Jayanagar
    • Offers budget-friendly banquet facilities for small to medium-sized gatherings.
  4. Nalapad Pavilion

    • Location: Palace Grounds
    • Offers affordable banquet halls for events and celebrations.
  5. The Ambient Turret

    • Location: JP Nagar
    • Provides budget-friendly party halls and event spaces.
  6. Royal Orchid Resort & Convention Centre

    • Location: Yelahanka
    • Offers spacious banquet halls and outdoor spaces at competitive rates.
  7. Sri Chowdeshwari Kalyana Mantapa

    • Location: Banashankari
    • Provides budget-friendly halls for various events and celebrations.
  8. Krishna Summit

    • Location: Marathahalli
    • Offers affordable banquet halls suitable for parties and gatherings.
  9. Sindhoor Convention Centre

    • Location: Yelahanka
    • Provides reasonably priced event halls for different occasions.
  10. The Tamarind Tree

    • Location: Kanakapura Road
    • Offers outdoor event spaces in a budget-friendly setting.

Please note that the availability, pricing, and specific terms may vary based on factors such as the date, duration, amenities required, and any additional services. It's recommended to contact these venues directly, inquire about their current rates, availability, and any special packages they might offer for birthday or anniversary celebrations. Additionally, consider visiting their websites or social media pages for more details or reviews before making a final decision.