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Save money, live better

April 2022 | Toy Monkey

As parents we want to do the best for our kids, give them the best of what this world has to offer. However, in doing so we should also remember to be financially wise and conscious of our impact on the environment.

ToyMonkey has these philosophies built into its core. It has emerged as the de facto service for toys on rent for Kids in Bangalore. Customers have provided excellent feedback on our services and chosen us for all their rental requirements.

Not only toys, ToyMonkey is the one stop destination for all kids and baby products in Bangalore. You will find products from the best of the brands known for their impeccable quality like Mothercare, Fischer Price , Chicco and many more. One can easily get top ranked products at a fraction of the MRP.  Not only is that pocket friendly but also avoids creating clutter at home and helps make space for creating happy memories.

 As someone famous has famously said :D

 "You never have to throw away that which you never buy"