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Mother, Do you Care

April 2022 | Toy Monkey

Hurrraahhhh….!!! The Bundle Of Joy is here. All those weeks and months of nausea, anxiety, feeling high and low finally comes to an end and an exciting phase of life begins.

It feels like dreams have come true and that the god has truly blessed us as the baby kicks and screams, plays with his Baby Gym and brings life to the house. 


Within a few days you realize, Pappu can’t dance and Baby can't sleep Saala…. !! No worries, we have all been through that phase, you will get through it too (even if right now it doesn't seem possible ;)  )

What baby needs is to feel safe, cozy and warm. They need to feel near you, even if you are not near.

We need to ensure the baby, that Mother Does Care. You can get handpicked, high quality MotherCare Baby Beds in Bangalore from ToyMonkey. Also, you don't need to burn a hole in your pockets while doing so.

All you need is to decide how long you need this for (Babies outgrow things very fast, trust me). Ideally a 3-6 month window is long enough for an infant to cuddle in his cute bed and then gently get up prepared to face the world.

You can do this easily with Toy Monkey - The #1 Baby Bed Suppliers in Bangalore, we will deliver and pick up from your doorstep while you enjoy spending time with your baby.


In case of any issues, our support lines are always open at support@toymonkey.in